Chinese Watercolour & Ink Brush Stroke Painting Atwea College

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Chinese Watercolour & Ink Brush Stroke Painting

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Discover the art of Chinese watercolor painting and refine your brush control with gentle watercolors. Through our course, you will learn to create five beautiful paintings depicting birds, insects, flowers, bamboo, and landscapes featuring land and water.

h3. Requirements:

Work cloth for table e.g. linen tea towel, paint shirt, 2 clean jars, watercolour paper, rice paper, Chinese ink (solid form) grind block or small plate, watercolour paints (Gouache), watercolour palate, 2 - 3 brushes (not too big) drawing pencil, rubber, paper or work book, change for vending machine and lunch.

h3. Please note:

  • Sometimes a course is either postponed or cancelled if there is not enough enrolments.. It is therefore wise to purchase your requirements after you have confirmed with us that your class is running (usually within three working days of the proposed start date).

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