Introduction to the Japanese Dojo for Women (Self-defence focus) Atwea College

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Introduction to the Japanese Dojo for Women (Self-defence focus)

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

This beginner empowerment course is modeled on the syllabus of the Shikishimakan Dojo. The course offers an introduction to the basics of traditional Japanese martial arts and self-defense (including attacker psychology). Self-defense elements include escapes from hair-pulls, headlocks, and knife and stick scenarios. The course also introduces the student to the basics of meditation and philosophy as well as the Japanese language and culture. To be empowered is very much a matter of the heart and ultimate strength never resides in the hands or feet. The last session will be a grading (not compulsory), followed by a class award ceremony for those who pursue the optional grade.


An application form must be completed to participate in physical activities. Any medical or health condition (including asthma [no matter how mild] or recent injuries, hospitalization) mentioned on the form will require clearance by a medical practitioner. The practitioner must state the nature of the condition and that he/she, in his/her professional medical opinion, permits the applicant to train in martial arts.

Students will be performing hand strikes and kicks. The ability to perform these actions will be a pre-requisite.

The nature of this kind of martial arts training/self-defense activity will require a degree of physical contact with instructors, assistants, or practice partners.

Applicants must be beginners.

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