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CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Diploma of Music Industry CUA50815.
  • Provide freelance services (CUAIND402)
  • Develop techniques for arranging music (CUAMCP401)
  • Apply music industry knowledge (CUAIND501)
  • Develop and maintain stagecraft skills (CUAMPF402)
  • Perform music as a soloist (CUAMPF406)
  • Develop repertoire as part of a backup group (CUAMPF403)
  • Present live audition programs (CUAMPF506)
  • Critique cultural works (CUARES502)
  • Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement (ICTWEB201)
  • Originate and develop concepts (BSBCRT501)
  • Establish and maintain safe creative practice (CUAPPR505)
  • Develop technical skills and expand repertoire (CUAMPF505)
  • Write about music (CUAWRT503)
  • Manage copyright arrangements (CUACMP501)
  • Prepare a program for performance (CUAMPF501)
  • Rehearse music for group performances (CUAMPF401)

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

Get your break into the music industry. This course will give you access to industry professionals currently working on projects and will allow you to study in your chosen elective area of interest:
Performance, Composition, Sound Production, Music Business and Musical Theatre.

Students will study industry trends, approaches to music and meet key personnel in the industry as part of their studies.

This qualification is designed for those wanting to work professionally in the music industry.

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