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Natural Childbirth

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

Birthing is one of the most empowering times in a woman’s life. In Traditional cultures, preparation for childbirth was inherent in the way of life. As our modern society is sadly still experiencing a disconnection from nature, we look for the best preparation that we possibly can through pre-birth classes. If you are having a baby or planning to have one, a basic understanding of how the energy is changing in your body during labour is very helpful. There is an old Japanese saying that when the true woman appears, that is when the baby appears. In psychological terms, to birth is to become one. Join Emma for an informative evening involving movement, breath, discussion and experience the energy in your body to help the body find its harmonious movement through unification. Studies also show that a smooth birthing physiology can enhance the wellbeing of the child well into the future of their life.

Emma has been practicing energy work for over 30 years including her previous practice of natural fertility, massage for pregnant mothers and babies prior to motherhood and has had three homebirths herself. She can vouch for the importance of aiming for the most positive birth possible and is amazed by the feminine power which can be experienced at birth.

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